Working towards a sweet future!

From crop to pop

At UNICORN, we believe in crazy snacks, and even crazier dreams. We are a popcorn brand offering revolutionary fruit flavours using healthy and ethical ingredients. This also means no added sugars and full transparency about the origin and use of our ingredients. Additionally, being part of the food industry, the focus of our social responsibility is world hunger. For every UNICORN bag purchased, part of the proceeds will be donated to the UN World Food Programme. After all, we care about your health and the planet and thus want to provide you with some food for thought. With this mission in mind, we're gonna pop this unique popcorn 'til we drop!

wHO IS 'WE'?

UNICORN started in 2019 as a lifelong dream of two aspiring entrepreneurs, Emma and Matthijs. Both born in the Netherlands but currently based in Sweden (it's a long story), they united and pursued the dream of creating a healthy snack with a cause. A snack suitable for movie nights, during parties, events, or a regular in-betweener - a snack that is not restricted to any activity and does not need any excuse to be enjoyed.

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